Thanks for your interest in learning more about the future at Gamut. We’re excited for what’s to come and we’re working hard to make 2015 a great year for new product. Below are some questions we’ve been asked about the Point One acquisition. Thanks as always for your support, and your patience during the transition. See you on the trail!



Do I have to run everything Gamut makes?


We definitely encourage you to take full advantage of your sponsorship and ride the full line of Gamut products where you can, but it's not absolutely necessary to run all product categories to be sponsored. Just let us know in your application if you're able to run the full range.



If I do plan to run everything do I have to order it all at the same time?

No, your discount code is good for the full year on any number of orders, so feel free to order product when you need and can afford it.





How can I get stickers?


Stickers will be included with your sponsorship order but we'll be happy to send more by request, send us an email to



Is there a minimum number of race events I have to enter and can I still get sponsored if I don't race?


We love to sponsor all types of athletes racers or not, so no you're not required to enter any race events, but please let us know if you plan to compete and in which disciplines.




What are the requirements for Social Media posting?


There are no set minimums for athlete posts, but we encourage you to regularly tag and interact with us via social media. Send us your race/ride photos and videos if you'd like them to be posted on the Gamut Instagram and Facebook. We are @gamutusa on IG/FB and please use hashtags #Gamutusa and/or #Gamfam

How will existing Point One products be supported?

We were able to secure a limited supply of replacement parts for recent Point One products and will do all we can to provide excellent product and customer service. Please contact us
 with specific inquiries and we’ll do our best to provide a solution. 


Will all products be Gamut going forward?

Yes. Though it’s difficult to let the Point One Racing brand name and strong reputation go, we thought it best to focus on moving forward as a single brand.

Will you be re-releasing any Point One products under the Gamut name?

Yes. There are plans to improve and re-release certain Point One products for the 2015 season and beyond. Please check back in with us in early 2015 for info on new releases. 


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